Elon Musk: Tesla Model S Can Be Used Like A Boat For “Short Periods Of Time”

It’s a car, it’s a boat… it’s a Tesla? Should Model S owners ever find themselves in a suddenly wet situation, Tesla CEO says not to worry — the cars can basically turn into a boat for a little bit when you need them to.

A video recently made the rounds on the internet that seem to show a guy driving a Tesla Model S through a flooded tunnel, effortlessly gliding through a few feet of water, vrooming past regular, internal combustion engine cars that appear to be having trouble moving forward.

Musk confirmed the boatlike nature of the Model S in a Tweet, writing:

Though this seems like something out of a Transformers movie or perhaps Inspector Gadget, Ars Technica points out that it’s not that huge of a leap for the Model S. While internal combustion engine vehicles have an exhaust pipe near that ground that can easily get clogged in deep water, battery-powered cars have no such thing, and thus don’t have to worry about anything flooding.

Don’t go driving into any large bodies of water with your Tesla, however, as the company “definitely doesn’t recommend’ using your car like a boat if you don’t have to.

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