SpaghettiOs Celebrates 50th Birthday By Shrinking Cans To 14 Ounces

Happy 50th birthday, Spaghetti-Os! You’re a fun and traditional American brand and the favorite food of 4-year-olds across the nation. How are you going to celebrate? By taking back up to an ounce of your former can size? That doesn’t sound very festive, SpaghettiOs.

Reader Vincent sent along a picture of the old and new SpaghettiO cans side by side. Over on the brand’s Facebook page, customers are complaining that a full ounce has disappeared from the meatball-less version. While this harmonizes the different products to the same size can, some customers are upset about the missing ounce.



A recent post to the page shows that the version with “sliced franks” is also now 14 ounces.

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