Storage Unit Auctioned Off For $80 Comes Complete With A Meth Lab

(via KCRA)

(via KCRA)

As anyone who’s ever watched reality TV shows where people try to outbid each other to buy storage units that the original owners have stopped paying for, you never know what you could get. There could be expensive art hiding in there, or maybe just three hundred empty bags of dog food. Or in one recent case, there could be boxes filled with equipment for your very own crystal meth lab.

A man and his uncle bid $80 on an abandoned storage unit in California that had been in default for more than 45 days, and ended up with an odd prize.

“We opened it up; it looked fine from the beginning, and then we found a couple of boxes that said ‘Danger, Poison!’ on them, so we’re like ‘Oh, we better stay away from those ones,'” he told KRCA-TV (warning: link has video that autoplays).

Because it’s better to be safe than sorry when confronted with potentially hazardous material, the duo called the cops. Police said the boxes were filled with hazardous meth lab equipment that was old-fashioned, yet dangerous enough to bring in the hazmat team to investigate. Officials found things like meth pipes and gas masks, and a huge drum that was half-filled with what appears to be meth in the boxes.

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department said investigators are now working to find out whether anyone made meth on-site, or were just storing equipment there. Officials are tracking down the former owners of the unit.

The good news? The uncle-nephew team bought another unit in that same auction, and made $400 off their $20 purchase.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of meth labs popping up in unexpected places — a Walmart employee in Indiana recently discovered a working drug lab in the store’s bathroom.

Meth lab found in Rancho Cordova self storage unit [KCRA-TV]

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