Exotic SpaghettiO Flavors Render Recent Shrink Rayage Less Logical

We were under the impression that when SpaghettiOs Shrink Rayed their standard-size cans to 14 ounces across all flavors to celebrate the product’s 50th birthday, this was done to harmonize the package size across the whole brand. Plain pasta in tomato-ish sauce, sliced hot dogs, meatballs: across the board, they would all be 14 ounces. That made sense. Then we saw the pizza flavor.


Yes, Campbell’s sells TacOs and CheeseburgerOs and PizzOs. Disappointingly, they’re just pasta rings with flavoring and some meat in the burger and taco versions. Even more disappointingly, they lost some volume in the latest round of Shrink Rayage, going from 15 ounces to 14.2. Wait, what? Why not 14?

We thought that there was logic to this particular shrinkage. Apparently not, thanks to that extra fifth of an ounce.

(Thanks to G., who we will not judge for browsing the flavored SpaghettiO shelf, for the submission!)

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