Dollar Tree Shrink Rays One Scoop Out Of Nacho Cheese Dip

Dollar stores have a unique challenge: their price point is right there in their name. Chains like Family Dollar and Dollar General have instead turned into what could most accurately be called dollar-ish discount stores, but Dollar Tree still holds itself to the $1 price point, and that apparently means shrink raying its private-label food items to keep prices consistent.


Derek noticed the change while buying some nacho cheese dip at Dollar Tree, and took this picture. He assumed that the product he always bought had changed shape, but that doesn’t seem to be it. Notice how the can is labeled “sauce,” and the wider container is labeled “dip.” They’re different products, or at least the same product poured into two different packages. That doesn’t mean that the product hasn’t changed size, though, since we can’t find the new can on the website. Sometimes a package redesign masks a size change.

Were they giving the product a consistent size for distribution in Canada? Maybe. Making it 250 grams even is an acceptable excuse, but also means he’s paying the same amount for a package that will let him dip one chip fewer in cheese.

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