Police: Shoplifter Shoved Steak And Seafood Down Pants

Employees of a Price Chopper in Troy, N.Y. noticed something kind of strange in the wee hours of the morning: a customer stuffed steak and seafood in his pants, then walked out of the store. Police followed the man on a four-block car chase with lights and sirens, ultimately capturing him and the meats when he drove into a pole.

The man fled the scene of the crash on foot, but officers caught up with him. He was charged with petit larceny, speeding, leaving the scene of a property damage accident, unlicensed operation, and resisting arrest.

To longtime Consumerist readers, this won’t seem very strange: shoplifters love to work with what’s at hand and shove things down their pants. Often those things are meat or seafood. Or both. An entire turkey breast? Some steaks? It’s been done. Maybe the meat-down-pants shoplifting method has succeeded…but we wouldn’t know that it was successful because the perpetrator was never caught.

Cops: Man stuffs pants with grocery booty [Albany Times Union]

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