Bed Bath & Beyond Will Change Return Policy For Items Without Receipt

Image courtesy of (Mike Mozart)

If you’ve been bringing used items back to Bed Bath & Beyond long after purchase and without a receipt, the home goods superstore is on to you. The news slipped out a little early that the chain plans to tighten up its relatively lax return policy on April 20th of this year, ending a long run with a policy that most customers enjoyed and a few abused.

We can, of course, blame those policy-abusers for the change, just like when REI and Costco decided to tighten up their policies. Right now, the policy states that items purchased at BB&B can be returned for a direct exchange or store credit indefinitely. That’s a very generous policy, that has been good for customer loyalty.

According to a report from Racked this week, the rest of the return policy isn’t changing: just what happens when you item back without a receipt. Customers will still be able to bring items back, but the store will deduct 20% from the amount that the customer gets back as a store credit.

“We are expanding nationwide a modification to our return policy that will only affect customers whose purchase cannot be located to process a return, either because the receipt was not provided or because we could not identify the purchase through a query of our transaction records,” a company spokesperson clarified to Racked. A shopper spotted a flyer warning of the change at a New Jersey store, and Bed Bath & Beyond explains that’s what they’re up to: that prompted the story in Racked, and the company confirmed that they are indeed changing the policy on April 20th.

Exclusive: Say Goodbye to Bed Bath & Beyond’s Generous Return Policy [Racked]

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