Bed Bath & Beyond Banishes Welspun Products From Stores

Image courtesy of JoelZimmer

Back in August, Target was the first retailer to end its relationship with the textile company Welspun after discovering that the company’s “Egyptian” cotton sheets, um, weren’t. Now Bed Bath & Beyond, another retailer that carries Welspun products, will stop selling them after an audit showed that the company can’t prove the origin of its products.

A spokeswoman told Bloomberg News that the company is “extremely disappointed” with the results of the audit, but reassured customers that the linens aren’t going to kill them. They just aren’t as advertised, that’s all.

“While the sheets are safe to use, as with any product we sell,” she wrote, “customers who are dissatisfied can return the sheets to any one of our stores for a refund or store credit.”

Customers are suing Welspun and Walmart over the mislabeled cotton, complaining that they overpaid and were misled. Both Target and Walmart offered refunds for the products.

The products at Bed Bath & Beyond were sold under the brands Perfect Touch and Crowning Touch.

Bed Bath & Beyond Stops Selling Welspun Sheets After Controversy [Bloomberg]

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