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Bed Bath & Beyond Banishes Welspun Products From Stores

Back in August, Target was the first retailer to end its relationship with the textile company Welspun after discovering that the company’s “Egyptian” cotton sheets, um, weren’t. Now Bed Bath & Beyond, another retailer that carries Welspun products, will stop selling them after an audit showed that the company can’t prove the origin of its products. [More]

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Retailers Trying To Lure College Customers Now So They’ll Become Lifelong Shoppers

Often when a shopper is loyal to a brand, product, or company, it’s simply because they have a long history with it. That’s why retailers are trying to hook college-age students now — even before full-time jobs bring them a disposable income — in the hopes that they’ll become lifelong shoppers. [More]

Bed Bath & Beyond Buying Home Furnishing Retailer One Kings Lane

Bed Bath & Beyond Buying Home Furnishing Retailer One Kings Lane

Bed Bath & Beyond is apparently looking to grow, well, beyond its big box status, as it went shopping for a furniture and decor company and wound up scooping up home retailer One Kings Lane. [More]


Bed Bath & Beyond, JCPenney, Others To Pay $1.3M For Trying To Pass Off Rayon As “Bamboo”

Four national retailers will be paying a hefty tab at the register after federal regulators say they continued to deceptively mislabel rayon products as “bamboo,” despite being warned five years ago that this practice violated the law. [More]


Bed Bath & Beyond Is Losing Money On Our Coupon Addiction

Do you refuse to buy anything at Bed Bath & Beyond without a coupon? So does everyone else, apparently. While the company is making plenty of sales, they aren’t as profitable as they used to be… something that experts attribute to the chain’s training its customers to always come in clutching a coupon. [More]

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Bed Bath & Beyond Will Change Return Policy For Items Without Receipt

If you’ve been bringing used items back to Bed Bath & Beyond long after purchase and without a receipt, the home goods superstore is on to you. The news slipped out a little early that the chain plans to tighten up its relatively lax return policy on April 20th of this year, ending a long run with a policy that most customers enjoyed and a few abused. [More]

Bed Bath And Beyond’s Towers Of Towels Are A Beautifully Folded Lie

Bed Bath And Beyond’s Towers Of Towels Are A Beautifully Folded Lie

If you’ve been to a Bed, Bath and Beyond store, you’ve seen them: the shelves and shelves of perfectly folded towels, stacked up to the ceiling. They look nice, and that’s an awful lot of towels, isn’t it? No. It isn’t. Photos exposing the towel towers as the shams they are frequently make the rounds on social media sites, blowing everyone’s minds. [More]


Departing Bed, Bath & Beyond Employee Would Like The Boss To Read The Fine Print

While plenty of you might wish to quit your job in a blaze of invective-filled glory, not everyone has such a dramatic exit strategy. But that doesn’t mean employees like this Bed, Bath & Beyond guy or gal don’t want to make sure everyone knows their true feelings upon leaving a retail job. [More]


The Good, The Bad & The Complicated Of Employee Discounts

Between the hours, the pay and the occasional scowling customer, working retail isn’t always the fun times it’s made out to be in film comedy. But at least there’s the employee discount, right? [More]

You Want Off Our Mailing List? Wait 3 Or 4 Months

You Want Off Our Mailing List? Wait 3 Or 4 Months

Noel discovered what the “Beyond” in Bed Bath & Beyond stands for — the point past reason it intends to stretch his patience when he requests to be taken off its junk mail list. [More]

Why Do Some Stores Act Stupid About Coupons?

Why Do Some Stores Act Stupid About Coupons?

Some stores—like A&P Supermarkets and Bed Bath & Beyond, for example—seem to have a sort of antagonism against coupon users. (For that matter, some of our commenters do too, but they are wrong.) Steve Gosset notes on his “Reality Bites Back” blog that the shortsighted coupon policies at these two stores only ended up costing them more fees, or even a sale.

Bride Rages When Macy Won’t Let Her Keep Her Surname

Bride Rages When Macy Won’t Let Her Keep Her Surname

Colleen G. is getting married and so yet another beautiful Consumerist reader becomes immune to my lascivious advances forever. Congratulations, Colleen… you tramp! No, just kidding — really, our most hearty congratulations, even if you have gouged one of those stiletto heels I like to imagine you wear through my heart.