Toasted Coconut Oreos Appear, Contain Some Actual Coconut

Fruit-flavored exotic Oreos don’t generally contain the fruit whose flavor they’re trying to imitate, but that’s all different for the newest flavor, toasted coconut. There are flakes of actual coconut in its coconut-flavored creme. It will be nothing at all like dunking a bottle of suntan lotion in milk.

This is yet another refreshing summer cookie, even though it’s hitting shelves now that summer is over. We would have expected pumpkin spice latte-flavored Oreos to be coming out around now, to follow present food trends. We’ll take coconut, though: the concept sounds delicious, and would probably go nicely with the key lime flavor. If you were making some kind of mixed-Oreo pairings platter.

One early review of the cookie is positive, comparing them favorably to a coconut cream pie.

Eaten together with the sweet cream, these Toasted Coconut Oreos taste like eating a crunchy, portable version of a coconut cream pie. Coconut and vanilla are a match made in Heaven, and Nabisco struck the perfect balance here. They’re not Marshmallow Crispy good, but what is?

As far as exotically-flavored mass-produced sandwich cookies with cream filling go, there may not be much better than that.

The cookies in the photo above were spotted at a Meijer store: we don’t know where else you can find them. Some limited-edition flavors have been exclusive to one store or another: if you see them elsewhere, let us know!

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