Key Lime Pie Oreos Exist, Because We Needed Another Summer Novelty Oreo Flavor

Image courtesy of (Laura Northrup)

(Laura Northrup)

(Laura Northrup)

Sure, sure, you can make a alleged faux Key Lime pie out of crushed-up Oreos, flavored gelatin, and whipped non-dairy topping, but why would you do that when you can have an entirely different Oreo-infested simulation of the actual pie?

Yes, Nabisco has inflicted Key Lime Pie Oreos on the world. They’re using the graham crackers from their S’moreos along with a variation on last summer’s limeade-flavored creme. This offers a faint glimmer of hope that they may be running out of ideas.

Like the other “limited edition” novelty flavors, these pie-flavored cookies come in a package that’s only 10.7 ounces, slimming down the package rather than the cookie.

We didn’t hear about this product before it hit stores, which means that Nabisco might finally have a handle on the flavor-leakers who would let horrified bloggers know in advance about the new flavors. We spotted these at a Price Chopper store in upstate New York, and our snack pals over at The Impulsive Buy reported a sighting last week at H-E-B in Texas.

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