S’Mores Could Be Oreo’s Next Exotic Flavor

Ready for another exotic Oreo flavor? It’s possible that the world was never really ready for watermelon or Oreo-flavored Oreos, and that didn’t stop Nabisco from inflicting them on the world. We are intrigued with this image of a S’More Oreo cookie, featuring two-colored chocolate and marshmallow “creme” sandwiched between graham-flavored cookies.

Thematically, S’Mores sound like they should be a summer cookie, since most people associate the treat with summer campfires, Suddenly S’Mores notwithstanding.

Images of Red Velvet Oreos leaked online months in advance of their Valentine’s Day 2015 launch, though, so that timeline would line up nicely.

S’mores is the nonsense name given to a snack sandwich consisting of chocolate pieces, graham crackers, and a roasted marshmallow. It’s a special combination of flavors that is difficult to get right without actually setting the marshmallow on fire.

Yeah, I’ll probably buy a packet anyway. We don’t have a release date or confirmation from Nabisco or parent company Mondelez on this, but this pckage sure looks a lot more plausible than past hoax flavors.

COMING SOON: Limited Edition S’mores Oreo Cookies [The Impulsive Buy]

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