McDonald’s Airlifts Fries Into Japan, Another Report Of ‘Dental Material’ In Food

Sales are way down at McDonald’s restaurants in Japan, and the continuing French fry shortage isn’t the reason. The public has been understandably freaked out to learn that customers have found plastic pieces and a human tooth in their food recently, and now there’s a report that a diner found crunchy pieces in her burger later found to be the white resin-like material used to fill cavities.

That isn’t quite the impact of finding a whole tooth in your burger, but beef patties aren’t supposed to go “crunch,” either. This report is a little hazier than the previous ones, which McDonald’s Japan has acknowledged and apologized for. The woman who claims to have found a tooth in her burger spoke to the Asahi TV network, but didn’t reveal her name. She says that a third-party lab checked the material and said that it was “dental material,” like what is used in fillings.

However, none of the restaurant’s employees report missing any teeth or fillings, and the woman denies that the material came out of her own mouth.

McDonald’s Japan has started to import frozen fries from ports on the East Coast of the United States in order to avoid the backlog in Western ports due a contract dispute between shipping lines and dockworkers. The company has also airlifted 1,000 metric tons (2.2 million pounds) of fries into Japan to cope with the shortage.

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