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Tomás Fano

There Could Soon Be Fewer Bodega And Bar ATMs After MasterCard, Visa Policy Shift

You know what it looks like: it’s buried way in the back of the corner store or your local watering hole, covered in a thin layer of grime from all those who have punched its keypad before. It’s the ubiquitous non-bank ATM, and it could be vanishing from some familiar spots in the near future with new policies at MasterCard and Visa that shift the blame for fraudulent transactions. [More]

There are no guarantees in life, people.

Men’s Wearhouse Fires The “I Guarantee It” Exec, Guys Unsure If They’ll Like The Way They Look

UPDATE: George Zimmer responded to getting the boot by issuing a statement that he’s far from pleased. In fact, he sounds pretty ticked off. [More]