Bank Of America Experiences Teller System Outage

Image courtesy of Mike Mozart

For a few hours this afternoon Bank of America customers may have had a bit of difficulty obtaining funds from their accounts if they prefer to speak to an actual human and not an ATM. That’s because for a short time, the system used by tellers was down.

A rep for Bank of America confirmed the “sporadic” issues with the teller terminals to Consumerist after reader Ernie brought it to our attention.

Ernie says that when he went to the bank earlier today he was met with every banking customer’s dream: no line. That was great, until he also noticed there were no tellers.

At that point, he and other customers were ushered out to the ATMs and remote tellers, and told that the bank’s teller system was out of order.

Once Ernie made it to the remote teller machine — which connects customers to an actual human somewhere else — he says he was told the wait would be 10 minutes.

“As I couldn’t see the queue in front of me using this teller, I waited,” he says. “Every minute or so, it asked if I still wanted to wait.”

Eventually, Ernie gave up, but before leaving asked if it was just his branch affected. It wasn’t.

A rep for Bank of America tells Consumerist that “some of our tellers are having sporadic issues with their terminals, but they are able to serve customers manually.”

Additionally, he noted that no issues were reported with ATMs or other services.

Despite the reps assurance that the issues were sporadic, customers across the country reported running into downed systems on Twitter.

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