Black Bear Has Absolutely No Problem Knocking Santa Claus Out

Hide your snowmen, hide your reindeer and get Santa Claus somewhere safe: Mother Nature might not agree with your taste in lawn ornaments and as such, has zero problems whatsoever with totally mucking up your holiday display.

Exhibit A: A black bear with no regard for The Naughty List was caught on tape in California stepping up to a Santa Claus sitting in Angeles National Forest near Glendora, CA, reports ABC News.

He walks over, checks it out, and apparently is greatly displeased with St. Nick. But perhaps there’s something to eat inside this rotund non-meatman? WHAP.

The photographer responsible set the decorative Santa out there along with a camera, something he’s been doing for a few years in the forest to check out the wildlife.

He’s gotten some good footage in the past, but nothing like this, he says. And this bear seems to have a thing against the holidays, unlike some other beasts.

“I put up the Santa Claus because the holidays were approaching and I thought it would be interesting and funny to see how the animals might react to it,” he said. “In October, I also put up some Halloween decorations at another camera spot, and female mountain lion walked right in between them without a care in the world.”

Not this bear. He is not cool with holiday decorations.

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