Where Does Santa Shop For Santa Garb? Not The North Pole

Image courtesy of Cakefarm

Whenever Santa Claus needs something, he either orders his elves to make it, or orders from Amazon. Yet Santa’s many helpers who toil in malls, parties, parades, and other photo opportunities don’t have a studio full of elf tailors on hand. They go online, because of course there are multiple online stores catering to aspiring Santas.

We never really thought of this until flipping through our annual collection of kids who don’t like Santa very much, and noticed the variety of costumes available for the character, from inexpensive and vaguely furry to elaborate and embroidered. Where do they come from?

One of the biggest Santa outfitters is the site Planet Santa out of Philadelphia, an e-commerce operation that’s very busy for a few months every year. Racked paid the store a visit recently to learn what it takes to outfit Santa, Mrs. Claus, and assorted elves everywhere.

Planet Santa is part of a larger year-round costume shop, but has carved out a specialty in solving problems that we civilians have probably never thought of.

Yeah, sure, they sell beards, but let’s say that you’re a “real-beard” Santa whose beard and hair are respectably gray, but not yet white. Get some temporary white hair color to enhance your look.

Do you want shiny black boots with buckles that have extra-wide calves? Planet Santa contracted with a factory in China that mostly makes shiny boots for strippers to make boots that Santas can tuck their velvet pants into.

One issue that they’ve dealt with in designing their own suit is that the men who play Santa tend to be, um, Santa-sized, yet the costumes aren’t designed for larger men. Also, they aren’t designed for all-day wear, and Santa could use some pockets and a zipper fly.

Dealing with skeptical kids who demand to see your ID? Flash your “Viisa” card from the North Pole Bank.

Are you a child dressing up as Santa? They have an outfit for you. Playing Santa during the summer, or in the Southern Hemisphere? Summer Santa is ready to hit the beach.

So are the owners of the store, we assume, when the Santa season ends.

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