Macadamias Are All The Rage After Korean Air Exec’s Nut Rage

While the Korean Air Lines executive who demanded that a flight crew member leave the flight she was on because she was served macadamia nuts in a bag instead of on a plate has since apologized for her behavior, there’s one party involved in the incident that is sitting mighty pretty right about now. The macadamia nut, of course.

Because any publicity is good publicity, the sales of macadamia nuts have spiked this week in South Korea, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Sales of the nuts in the first part of the week were up 14% over the same period last week at one of the country’s top online marketplaces, and sales overall jumped about 36%, reported Edaily.

The airline was the first to apologize earlier this week, while still noting that Cho Hyun-ah, the now-former vice president in charge of cabin services at the airline, was just doing her job.

Today she apologized to Korean media as well, reports Reuters, for behavior that critics in the country see as proof of her snobby, elite status in society as the daughter of the airline’s chairman.

“I sincerely apologize for causing trouble for everyone. I’m sorry,” she said, adding that she would also apologize in person to the cabin crew chief.

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