Tell Us About The Best Gift You’ve Ever Received

It was Christmas morning/eve. It was the best night of Hanukkah. There was that one gift, the thing you received from your mom/dad/sister/brother/spouse/whoever, that stood out from all the rest as the best thing you could have ever gotten.

Maybe it was because of the thought that went into it, or maybe it’s because you didn’t even know cheese shaped like Aaron Rodgers’ head existed, but we want to know — what’s the best gift you’ve ever received for the holidays?

Did someone go that extra mile? Did they remember something special about you that you didn’t realize they remembered? How did the gift gain its spot as the best gift ever?

Send us a few lines at with the subject line BEST GIFT EVER or tweet us at @Consumerist with the story of the Best Gift That Ever Was, along with a photo to accompany the moment if you’ve got one you want to share.

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