Korean Air Exec Resigns After Ordering Crew Member Off The Plane For Serving Nuts Improperly

It’s one thing to see your fellow passenger behaving badly on a commercial flight, despite the fact that many travelers are used to flying and therefore should know better than to cause a ruckus. But it’s another thing for an executive of an airline to pitch a fit over (allegedly) improperly served nuts that delayed her flight late last week, prompting her now to resign.

Cho Hyun-ah, the daughter of Korean Air Lines’ chairman Cho Yang-ho as well as the vice president in charge of cabin services at the airline, reportedly ordered the head of the cabin crew off the plane at JFK Airport in New York on Friday, for serving bagged macadamia nuts instead of nuts on a plate, reports the Associated Press.

Cabin crew are supposed to ask first if passengers want nuts, in case they have allergies, and then serve the nuts on a plate and not in a bag.

The executive, whose two siblings are in executive positions as well, resigned today amid criticism from South Korea over her bad behavior appearing to some as another example of the moneyed elite acting out. Korea Air had pointed out earlier that her behavior was part of her job, while apologizing for delaying the flight and inconveniencing passengers.

Korean Air did confirm that the flight was delayed 20 minutes over the nut incident, but said that the decision to deplane the crew member was the flight captain’s choice to make.

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