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Former Korean Air Exec Asking Appeal Court To Overturn “Nut Rage” Conviction

The former Korean Air executive who was convicted of violating aviation safety law in connection to what became known as the “nut rage” incident is asking an appeals court to overturn the conviction, which stemmed from her rage over improperly served macadamia nuts. [More]

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Flight Attendant Involved In “Nut Rage” Incident Sues Korean Air Lines, Former Exec

A flight attendant in the middle of the “nut rage” case that found a now former Korean Air Lines executive sentenced to prison for one year has filed a civil lawsuit against the airline chairman’s daughter in New York, naming the airline as a defendant as well. [More]


Macadamias Are All The Rage After Korean Air Exec’s Nut Rage

While the Korean Air Lines executive who demanded that a flight crew member leave the flight she was on because she was served macadamia nuts in a bag instead of on a plate has since apologized for her behavior, there’s one party involved in the incident that is sitting mighty pretty right about now. The macadamia nut, of course. [More]

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Korean Air Exec Resigns After Ordering Crew Member Off The Plane For Serving Nuts Improperly

It’s one thing to see your fellow passenger behaving badly on a commercial flight, despite the fact that many travelers are used to flying and therefore should know better than to cause a ruckus. But it’s another thing for an executive of an airline to pitch a fit over (allegedly) improperly served nuts that delayed her flight late last week, prompting her now to resign. [More]

Quantas Guilty Of Price Fixing

Quantas Guilty Of Price Fixing

Quantas became the third foreign airline to admit to price-fixing and agree to pay a fine to the U.S. government, joining British Airways PLC and Korean Air Lines Co. Ltd, says the Associated Press.