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Kroger Recalls ‘Simple Truth’ Macadamia Nuts For Possible Listeria

If you have some Kroger Simple Truth store-brand macadamia nuts sitting around, check the package before chowing down. The nuts have been recalled over concerns about possible contamination with Listeria monocytogenes [More]

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Diamond Macadamia Nuts Recalled For Possible Salmonella Contamination

Nuts are a delicious and filling snack and a tasty addition to a cookie, but they’re a lot less healthy when they come with a generous coating of Salmonella bacteria. That’s the case with macadamia nuts from Diamond, which have been recalled after routine testing turned up bacteria on a bag of nuts. [More]


Macadamia Nuts From Target, HyVee, Western Family Recalled For Potential Salmonella Contamination

If you’ve bought raw macadamia nuts from a number of retailers across the country, it’s time to check your pantry: nuts sold at retailers including Target, HyVee, Pear’s Gourmet, and independent grocery stores that carry Western Family brands have been recalled because they may be contaminated with Salmonella bacteria. Why is it that raw dried nuts keep getting recalled for problems with that one pathogen, anyway? [More]

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Flight Attendant Involved In “Nut Rage” Incident Sues Korean Air Lines, Former Exec

A flight attendant in the middle of the “nut rage” case that found a now former Korean Air Lines executive sentenced to prison for one year has filed a civil lawsuit against the airline chairman’s daughter in New York, naming the airline as a defendant as well. [More]


Former Korean Air Executive Facing Criminal Charges Over “Nut Rage” Incident

The former Korean Air executive who resigned in the wake of reports that she’d reprimanded a flight’s crew for improperly serving macadamia nuts and ordered an employee off the plane, causing a 20-minute delay, is now facing criminal charges related to the incident. [More]


Macadamias Are All The Rage After Korean Air Exec’s Nut Rage

While the Korean Air Lines executive who demanded that a flight crew member leave the flight she was on because she was served macadamia nuts in a bag instead of on a plate has since apologized for her behavior, there’s one party involved in the incident that is sitting mighty pretty right about now. The macadamia nut, of course. [More]

The world is full of mysteries.

We Live In A World Where Spam-Flavored Macadamia Nuts Exist

Sometimes it feels like there’s nothing left to look forward to in a food landscape busy spawning franken-pastry hybrids left and right and “reinvented” pizza. But then along comes a product pairing nuts and canned meat and faith in the culinary innovation of the world is restored. [More]