Scary Santa Strikes Again: Send Us Photos Of Your Kids Freaking Out With Costumed Mall Characters

Maybe you were kid-free in 2012, and last year your wee one was just a perfect angel when it came time to visit Santa Claus at the mall for that traditional photo opportunity. But if your kid freaked out at the sight of St. Nick or had a meltdown when faced with a costumed Frozen character, this year is gonna be yours.

For example, our very own Kate Cox wondered if her 15-month-old daughter and delight of the Consumerist team Miranda would face that bowl fully of jelly and cackle… or quail.

She quailed. Oh, did she quail.


“She liked Santa when he came through the line and said hi to the kids there. She just didn’t like his lap,” Kate says of Miranda’s first-ever visit to Santa. “Happily, she recovered as soon as I picked her up again.”

Here’s what we want: A photo of your kid on Santa’s lap with a look that reminds you of the first time you ever had a run-in with the big guy that ended in tears for one or the both of them. We aren’t hoping your kids flip out, not ever, but if he or she does it while on Santa’s lap, why not share it with the world? Or if Santa isn’t your kid’s choice, any holiday costumed character will do.

To send in your photos (the larger the better!), here’s how you go about it:

1. Attach it in email with the subject line SCARY SANTA
2. Include your child’s name and age in the body of the email, along with any anecdotes about the experience.
3. Send it to

Please note, you need to be the child’s parent for your photo submission to be published, or we’ll have to get permission directly from the parents if you’re someone’s uncle or aunt. Gotta prove that stuff.

Then we’ll all wait with bated breath for Christmas to see the fruits of your mall excursion efforts so we can get jolly.

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