Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Need A Laptop GPS In 2008

The Raiders of the Lost Walmart are a band of fearless retail archaeologists who comb the world’s retail stores for the most ancient and obsolete gadgets and software. Today’s discoveries do still work, as in you could add them to your compatible computer or PlayStation 2 and use them. The question is, would you want to?


“DJ Hero for the PS2 was first released on 10/27/09 with a suggested price of $99. It is currently available at Amazon for $15.25,” notes tipster Jeff. You can get a new copy for as little as $5.95 from Marketplace sellers, if you’re so inclined. $59 is simply the price of convenience, if you simply must have an almost 5-year-old game and turntable right now.

Still, 2009? That’s relatively new. What does Walmart have in something that dates back to the George W. Bush administration? This Walmart in Delaware has got us all covered.


If you miss the experience of lugging your entire computer around as a mobile GPS unit, this is a buy you simply can’t pass up.

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