Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Excavate More Decade-Old Video Games

The Raiders of the Lost Walmart are an elite squad who comb the retail stores of North America for rare and precious antiquities. No, Walmart hasn’t taken to selling actual fossils: these are Information Age antiquities, or old video games for older consoles with inexplicably high prices.

The first game that Raider Michael noticed was a fun-looking Shrek tie-in game that happens to come from 2008. While some people out there are surely still running a PlayStation 2, they are unlikely to be willing to pay thirty bucks for a game for it.


If you’re sad that EA no longer makes college football games due to players’ pesky claim that they should be paid for the use of their likenesses, and you’ve still got an original Xbox chugging along in your game room, great news from a different shelf in the same Walmart!


“I originally took the second picture to point out the Tiger Woods 2011 game for $29.96, Michael writes, “but upon further review, I noticed the NCAA Football 06 game for the original XBOX!” Could also be good for former football players looking to enjoy their former glory. Just don’t sue.

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