Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Will Upgrade Your PC At Reasonable Prices

The Raiders of the Lost Walmart are a fearless band of retail archaeologists who will stop at nothing to find uncover every retail antiquity that the world’s big-box stores have to offer. Whether it’s a rebate due in 2004 or a Game Boy Advance of ambiguous color, the Raiders have shared their findings with Consumerist so we can all…well, mostly we’ve just learned not to shop for electronics on clearance at discount stores.

The first find isn’t all that ancient or unusual, but it’s also not going to move off the shelf at the posted price anytime soon.


“I found this 2013 version of internet security software “On Clearance” for $4.97 off the other day at Wal-Mart,” reader Speak wrote in his field report. “It looks like a 1 year newer package, about 1 year later than the one shown in this post, but for the same price.”

Meanwhile, this computer graphics card model dates back to 2006. That wouldn’t be so bad, but only if you had an older computer around that needs upgrading. However, Walmart isn’t about to discount technology on their shelves just for being nine years old.


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