Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Discover That PS2 Memory Cards Are Finally On Clearance

Back in 2012, one of the brave explorers for the Raiders of the Lost Walmart discovered a rack of memory cards for the PlayStation 2, still on the shelf and still priced at $20-$30. That was three years ago, though: Sony is up to the PS4 now. Surely Walmart has noticed that PS2 accessories aren’t really flying off their shelves. Well, one Raider’s local Walmart has moved them to the clearance aisle… still marked at $30.


Raider Sam wrote in his field notebook that he was just on a regular shopping trip to Walmart when he noticed these retail antiquities, which are evidently not very rare.


“A peek into the clearance aisle revealed 15-year-old game console memory cards for a system two generations back!” he wrote, clearly thrilled at the discovery. “And a 13-year-old peripheral! At ‘clearance’ prices comparable to what they might have cost in the early ’00s.”

Here’s that peripheral, an EyeToy camera.


That makes the clearance price technically higher than the regular price that we saw three years ago, which was $29. Sam checked prices for these items on eBay, and found that they cost about one-fifth of Walmart’s current price there.

Walmart: always low prices. Except for the 500% markup on obsolete electronics.

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