Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Find 8-Year-Old GPS For $150

It’s not that if you bought this Garmin Nuvi (sorry, Nüvi) 260 standalone GPS, it wouldn’t work. As long as the battery still holds a charge, and the maps are updated, it should work just fine. The problem is that Walmart is trying to charge $150 for an 8-year-old GPS model, and an item that may have been on the shelf for that long.

The Raiders of the Lost Walmart are the brave explorers who search the world’s big-box stores for comically overpriced retail antiquities which are usually electronics.


Think about it this way: this model came on the market at roughly the same time that the iPhone app store opened. Handheld devices that show you maps maybe haven’t changed all that much since then, but Garmin has introduced many new models since then.

Markdown logic that would work with a microwave or other types of merchandise simply don’t work with electronics, where new, slightly improved models come out all the time and replace previous ones.

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