Publix Recalls Meat Loaf Mislabeled As Pot Roast

It would be a little bit confusing to open a microwaveable pot roast and find a microwaveable meatloaf instead. However, it could be seriously problematic for people with food allergies, since while meatloaf has bread crumbs and soybean oil, pot roast doesn’t. That’s why the incognito meatloaf has been recalled. [More]


Ground Turkey That May Contain Metal Shards Recalled From Publix, Weis, And Aldi

You can add bread crumbs, eggs, and spices to a lump of ground turkey to make a tasty meatloaf or meatballs, but one thing that definitely doesn’t belong in the mixture is pieces of metal. Ground turkey sold under store brand labels at grocery chains Publix, Weis, and Aldi has been recalled because it may have “metal shavings” in it. [More]

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Whole Foods Meat Guys Sculpt Amazon Logos Out Of Ground Beef

What’s that old saying, again? “When you love someone, say it with meat”? That’s how employees at one Los Angeles Whole Foods welcomed their new e-commerce overlords, sculpting Amazon and Prime logos out of ground beef in the display case. [More]

J.P. O’Reilly’s Burgers Recalled Because They’re Secretly Bacon Cheeseburgers

J.P. O’Reilly’s Burgers Recalled Because They’re Secretly Bacon Cheeseburgers

Many people like bacon and cheese on their burgers, but for whatever reason — allergy, religion, taste — plenty more don’t. And so the company behind the J.P. O’Reilly’s brand is recalling two tons of surprise! bacon cheeseburgers in six states for “misbranding.” [More]


Chicken May Get More Expensive Because Birds Are Too Old And Fat To Breed

Years of very precise breeding means that modern poultry grow to massive sizes very quickly — sometimes in a matter of weeks. While this results in more meat in less time, it’s also causing a problem: Some birds are so top-heavy that they may not be all that interested in breeding, and there’s now an older breeding population of roosters and hens that are less likely to produce viable eggs. [More]

Nearly 6,000 Pounds Of Meat Recalled Over Potential E.Coli Contamination

Nearly 6,000 Pounds Of Meat Recalled Over Potential E.Coli Contamination

If your weekend plans involved eating a bit of veal, beef, or pork products, you might want to check to make sure the meat in your fridge isn’t included in a recent E.coli recall.  [More]

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Company Behind “Bleeding” Meatless Burger Wants To Bring It To The Masses

More than two years after we first heard about a veggie burger designed to “bleed” juice made from plants, the company behind it is ramping up to put its meatless offering in front of more consumers. [More]

1 Million Pounds Of Vienna Sausages Recalled For Leaving MSG Off The Label

1 Million Pounds Of Vienna Sausages Recalled For Leaving MSG Off The Label

Aren’t Vienna sausages tasty little chicken-based snacks? Apparently, part of what makes some brands of them so tasty is monosodium glutamate, yet in one recent batch, the company left that ingredient off the label. Now it has to recall 500 tons of sausages, which were sold at retailers including Walmart. [More]

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Arby’s Will Offer Venison Sandwiches This Fall In 6 Deer-Hunting States

In its continuing quest to convince hungry consumers that it is the meat destination, Arby’s is adding a new protein to the menu in certain locations this fall: customers will be able to order venison meat sandwiches at participating restaurants in six states where deer hunting is popular. [More]

Tyson Foods Buys Stake In Vegan Company Beyond Meat

Tyson Foods Buys Stake In Vegan Company Beyond Meat

When you think of Tyson Foods, you probably think, “chicken.” As in, an animal that a vegetarian probably won’t want to eat. That’s why Tyson has shelled out some major dough to buy a stake in Beyond Meat, a vegan startup that sells a plant-based protein that purportedly “looks, feels, tastes and acts like chicken without the cluck.” [More]

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That Sounds Offal! How Much Do You Know About Your Organ & “Variety” Meats?

Offal — the edible organs and other trimmings from a livestock animal — gets a bad rap, mostly because of the initial ick-factor associated with the idea of chowing down on a brain, testicle, ear, or tail. The “offal” name certainly hasn’t helped. Yet for folks around the world, these “variety meats” are everyday fare. [More]

Chipotle Adding Chorizo To The Menu Nationwide

Chipotle Adding Chorizo To The Menu Nationwide

More than an 16 months after Chipotle began testing chorizo as a protein option at its Kansas City-area locations, and four months after it began allowing customers in four other states and Washington, D.C. to add the meat to their burritos, burrito bowls, salads, and tacos, the company is ready to bring the spicy meat nationwide.  [More]

Lawsuit Accuses Hormel Of Using Meaningless ‘Natural’ Descriptor For Deli Meat

Lawsuit Accuses Hormel Of Using Meaningless ‘Natural’ Descriptor For Deli Meat

When you see a label that says “natural” on your meat, you might make some assumptions about what’s in it. Doesn’t that label mean meat that doesn’t have preservatives or artificial colors, that comes from animals raised without growth-promoting hormones or antibiotics? Well, no, it doesn’t necessarily mean that, and a recent lawsuit from the Animal Legal Defense Fund calls Hormel out on its labeling advertisements for their meats. [More]

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5 Pro Tips For Making A Juicy, Delicious Burger This Memorial Day

You can see it now, can’t you, in your mind’s eye? It’s juicy, it’s delicious, it’s cooked perfectly, and you made it: it’s your ideal Memorial Day burger. Let us help you get there with a few handy tips that will help your fantasy burger become a reality this holiday weekend. [More]

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Meatless Burger That Bleeds Pulverized Beet Juice Debuts At Colorado Whole Foods

Biting into a burger and having the juices drip out of it has, until recently, been an experience only enjoyed by meat eaters. Vegetarians might join them soon, with a new meatless burger for sale at Whole Foods that bleeds beet juice instead of beef juice.


6 Things People Are Talking About When They Talk About Lab-Grown Meat

If you’ve tuned into the lab-grown meat discussion whatsoever in the past few years, it could seem like it’s only a matter of time before we’re all dining on hot dogs, bacon, and burgers produced in a lab by scientists. We’re not quite at the point of casually shopping for these products alongside meat derived from animals, as there are still things the scientific community has to hash out before lab meat hits the market. [More]

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Man Arrested, Accused Of Stuffing Steak Down Pants At H-E-B

As part of our ongoing coverage of people stuffing meat down their pants, here’s the latest incident out of Texas: an employee spotted a man stuffing steak down his pants in the meat department. The suspect took off on foot, and police caught up with him not far away. He was charged with theft and with evading arrest. [KOSA] [More]

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Frozen Meat Spills On Minnesota Highway After Tractor-Trailer Crash

We believe that it’s important to honor fallen food that ends up strewn across a highway due to truck crashes. That includes the trailer full of frozen meat that crashed into the median in Eden Prairie, MN this morning, splitting the insulated trailer and causing boxes of meat to spill out onto the highway. The cops didn’t specify what kinds or brands of meat were in the vehicle, but did confirm that is a salami on the ground in the photo that they released. [KSTP] [More]