Pizza Hut’s Cheeseburger-Stuffed Crust Menace Spreads To United Kingdom

Almost a year and a half ago, the unholy spawn of a pizza and a platter of cheeseburger sliders arrived in Pizza Hut outlets in the Middle East. It’s a stuffed-crust pizza, but with little mozzarella-topped burgers embedded in the crust. The whole thing looks like a grease-filled sunflower.

(Pizza Hut UK)

(Pizza Hut UK)

The problem is that it’s gradually moving west. Could it come here next? Some chain eateries test new products abroad before even trying them in test markets in the United States, and Americans do like our stuffed crust pizzas.

Unlike the Middle East version, called the Crown Crust Carnival, the U.K. version does not have chicken cutlets in the crust. We aren’t sure whether that’s good or bad news.

In a statement to tabloid the Daily Mirror, a Pizza Hut spokesman pointed out, “The Cheeseburger Pizza is just one item from our menu and is designed to be an enjoyable, fun treat to share with family and friends with 288 calories per slice.” That calorie count doesn’t include the ketchup dip, because of course there’s ketchup dip.

At ten slices per pizza, that is almost a reasonable meal if you find four family members or friends to share it with. Coincidentally, Consumerist has five staff members. Bring it on, Pizza hut.

Pizza Hut unveils gut-busting pizza with cheeseburger crust that has 2,880 calories

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