Nothing Says Stuffed Crust Pizza Like Cheeseburgers & Chicken Nuggets

We’ve already slobbered over Pizza Hut’s hot dog-stuffed crust over in the United Kingdom, and now yet another non-American outpost of the chain is getting something we are downright turning green with envy over. Well, jealous or slightly nauseated: Pizza Hut Middle East has smushed cheeseburgers and chicken fillets into its crust. blows the delectable lid off this hot story, explaining that not only is the Crown Crust a delight on the mouth, but that the toppings that go on the pizza are all part of the theme. So the cheeseburger-stuffed crust pie has special sauce and burgery toppings, while the chicken one has barbecue sauce and green peppers.

Pizza Hut Middle East has a long record of blowing our minds and its customer’s tastebuds. In 2010, it put meatballs and cream cheese balls in their Crown Crust.

It’s kind of beautiful in an artery-clogging way, don’t you think? That’s rhetorical. It IS a work of art.

Check out the video evidence of each offering below.

Pizza Hut Middle East Adds Mini Cheeseburgers, Chicken Nuggets to Pizza Crust []

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