Pizza Hut’s Hot Dog Crust Monstrosity Is Coming To America

Image courtesy of (The Impulsive Buy)

Wacky menu items that international chain restaurants add at their overseas outlets are are sometimes strange regional one-offs, and sometimes items being tested for larger markets. After a pizza crust stuffed with hot dogs appeared at Pizza Huts in Luxembourg, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. Yes, we’re hearing reports that Pizza Hut will bring the crust stuffed with hot dogs home to America.

A Pizza Hut employee whispered to Kotaku and The Impulsive Buy about the imminent arrival of hot dog pizzas, and this flyer has also surfaced. Note the packet with a Venn diagram of a pizza slice and a hot dog, implying some kind of combination of the two. While that could be a mozzarella-topped hot dog, it’s more likely to be the product that they’ve already been testing for eight years. Yes, eight: here’s a commercial for an early version that was available in South Korea in 2007.

After all, Pizza Hut has introduced ten new “crust edges” in the last year: what’s one more?

This could mean that next, Pizza Hut will send over the even more monstrous monstrosity that was their crust stuffed with cheeseburgers and chicken nuggets that was available in the Middle East.

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