Pizza Hut Will Now Sell You A Dresser Of Pizza

Image courtesy of This is a pizza dresser.

Pizza Hut has a history of trying strange and occasionally wonderful new product ideas overseas, and importing the ones that work to the United States. The Hot Dog Bites pizza made the cut for the U.S. menu; unfortunately, a seafood pizza with a crust stuffed with cream cheese and flying fish roe didn’t make it across the Pacific from Hong Kong. The latest import from international Huts is the Triple Treat Box, a three-level cardboard dresser full of food.

If that sounds strange, well, that’s what it looks like. Here’s the photo released to the press:

This is a pizza dresser.

This is a pizza dresser.

The box includes two medium one-topping pizza on your choice of crusts, a giant chocolate chip cookie, and either breadsticks or flavor sticks. Each pizza goes in one drawer, and the breadsticks and flavor sticks nestle in the third. The whole package costs $19.99 plus tax and any delivery costs.

Pizza lovers thought that this was a great idea, and thousands signed an online petition asking Pizza Hut to import the Triple Treat box to North American Pizza Huts. People are still signing it today, having apparently not heard the great news.

The boxes were available in Middle Eastern Pizza Huts in recent months, apparently, and people liked the idea. Here, they’re a limited-time item, and the promotion will likely continue until local Pizza Huts run out of boxes.

(via Brand Eating)

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