Chobani: Exploding Yogurts Caused By Mold At Idaho Plant

imgresThe “quality issue” that has led Greek yogurt maker Chobani to pull products from stores has an explanation: mold. Customers who ate the affected yogurt aren’t thrilled to hear this news, since the company continues to call the funny-tasting yogurt plague a “quality issue” rather than a food safety problem. Customers who claim that they or their children got sick from Chobani products are not pleased.

Not all molds are a bad thing, of course. The deliciousness of blue cheese comes from a kind of mold that affects dairy. Exploding yogurts, however, are generally not a desirable product. Neither are sour-tasting or fizzy yogurts, and all of these are problems that customers have described with affected Chobani products.

According to the company, the mold contamination issue affected the plant that the company opened earlier this year in Idaho.

The Food and Drug Administration says that they’re monitoring the situation and checking out reports of illnesses caused by contaminated Chobani products.

What customers should look for are cups with the production code 16-012 and expiration dates between 9/11/2013 and 10/7/2013.

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