Chobani On Its Ad Featuring Same-Sex Couple: “We’re Proud That Our Products Are Enjoyed By All”

Image courtesy of (Chobani on YouTube)

While the idea of eating food in bed might make people angry for cleanliness reasons (such a mess!), others are ticked off at Chobani for its latest ad featuring two women in bed together, one of whom happens to be eating yogurt. The ever-vigilant folks at One Million Moms have a problem not only with lesbians eating yogurt in bed, but with the fact that a same-sex couple would flaunt their wedding rings while doing so. In response, Chobani says it’s proud that all kinds of people like to eat its yogurt, in bed and married or otherwise.

One Millions Mom aimed its ire at Chobani using language that has become familiar from past campaigns against Honey Maid (ad with wholesome gay parents) and Kraft (salad dressing ad showing mostly naked man at a picnic). Once again, OMM thinks a company should be ashamed for “attempting to normalize sin.”

“The newest commercial for Chobani yogurt has two nude women in bed while one lovingly strokes the other’s foot,” OMM points out. “This commercial not only promotes same sex relationships by including two lesbians, but also same sex marriage because the two women wear matching wedding bands. The ad states, ‘To Love this Life is to Live it Naturally.’ There is nothing natural about homosexuality.”

The group goes on to add that this wouldn’t be acceptable even if the couple was heterosexual, as kids might be watching TV, and urges others to contact the company and voice their displeasure with lesbians daring to eat yogurt in bed while married.

When Consumerist asked Chobani for comment about the controversy surrounding the ad, the company said it’s all about inclusion.

“As part of our founding mission to make better food for more people, inclusiveness and equality are at the heart of Chobani,” a spokeswoman told Consumerist. “We launched our ‘Love This Life’ campaign back in May to celebrate and acknowledge all walks of life with modern American stories that reflect our fans and consumers. We’re proud that our products are enjoyed by all and we celebrate that diversity whenever — and however — we can.”

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