Chobani Pulls Gross Yogurts Off Store Shelves, Not A Recall

Have your Chobani yogurts tasted kind of weird recently? You aren’t alone. Yogurt lovers all over the country have reported oddness that ranges from “that tastes a little off” to “AAAAH WHY IS MY YOGURT CUP BULGING?!” After receiving (and deleting) a lot of complaints on their Facebook page, the company quietly pulled affected batches from stores, but there’s no official recall on.

UPDATE: Chobani Declares ‘Voluntary Recall’ Of Exploding Moldy Yogurts
Chobani: Nasty Exploding Yogurts Caused By Mold At Idaho Plant

Reader Chris in Texas let us know about the problem early on. He was delighted to find a sale on Chobani yogurts for only $1 per cup, and stocked up. Then things started to go wrong with his stash.

The first sign of a problem was the Key Lime Crumble Flip that left a sharp aftertaste. My wife threw it away and moved on. I assumed it was a bad cup or maybe just a naturally occurring oddity. The next few cups were fine and life goes on. Then tonight I grabbed an Apple Cinnamon for a snack and had a few bites. My wife tried it and noticed that funny taste again after mixing the cup some more. Then I tasted (what is still lingering in my mouth as I type this) the sharp, almost tingling aftertaste.

Eww. Chris soon realized that he wasn’t alone when he looked at Chobani’s Facebook page. Lots of other customers had the same complaint, and the company finally announced publicly that yes, there is a problem with some yogurts and they were pulling them from store shelves. Other customers’ problems were even ickier, with bulging or fizzy cups. Ew.

We wrote to Chobani to find out what they could tell us about this totally-not-a-recall, and they sent us a statement:

Here at Chobani, we are committed to crafting the best tasting, highest quality products made with only natural ingredients. We have heard from consumers who have reported product quality issues in certain cups of our product so we are working with our retail partners to replace any products that might not meet our rigid quality standards.

Please know that we take every reported quality concern very seriously.

To make up for any Chobani Greek Yogurt that was less than perfect, we are issuing coupons for fresh cups so our fans can quickly get back to spooning their favorite flavors. Affected consumers can reach out to our Customer Loyalty Team at

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