Now Anyone Can Go Back In Twitter Time To See What You Ate For Dinner That One Night In 2006

Imagine, if you will, Twitter’s Fail Whale. But instead of popping up to be like, “Hey, Twitter isn’t working, uh oh,” he’s swimming up to the entire catalog of tweets dating back to the long-ago beginning in 2006 and swallowing all of them in his hungry, gaping maw. The eating is good for those interested in seeing what anyone ever in the history of Twitter time has tweeted about, as one index of the social web says it’s added every public tweet ever published to its collection.

Topsy used to be a social search company that now spends its time braiding Twitter’s hair and talking about sentiment analysis with clients, while indexing just about anything social on the Internet, notes CNET. And that social search engine is now a lot bigger, as the company announced its analytics tools can now go all the way back to the very first tweet on March 21, 2006.

“By adding a full historical index, now we can look even further back to the very first tweets 7 years ago, meaning our users have access to the best, most accurate view of the world’s social conversation,” Topsy co-founder and CTO Vipul Ved Prakash said in a statement.

That service is available only to paying customers, and those clients won’t be paying any additional fees now that the Twitter’s history has been wholly engulfed by Topsy. So if you want to hearken back to that lonely evening where you asked your 10 Twitter followers whether you should eat cereal or lemon wedges dipped in Splenda for dinner, you’ll need to pay up.

Or hey, maybe someone else is reading that about you right… now. Takes Internet stalking your dates to an all new height of scariness, eh?

Topsy indexes entire tweet history for search, analysis [CNET]


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