Chobani Declares ‘Voluntary Recall’ Of Exploding Moldy Yogurts

Chobani’s recall of mold-contaminated yogurts has been promoted to a voluntary recall. “Over 95% of the units in question have already been identified and removed from retailer shelves,” claims the company.


While most stories about the recall feature only photos of the company’s classic 6-ounce flavored yogurt cups, mold contamination may affect all product lines with the 16-012 production code and expiration dates between 9/11/2013 and 10/7/2013. Customers have reported bulging containers from the Champions kids’ yogurt tubes and Flips products that contain toppings. Above is a bulging chocolate-almond Flips container, one of four that reader Brian bought and reported to the company.

In their updated statement, the company says:

We won’t sugar coat it- this type of mold is not pleasant. While unlikely to have ill health effects upon consumption, nothing is more important to us than the health and safety of our consumers, and we are taking all of the necessary steps to uphold our very rigid quality standards.

If you or a family member did become ill from a Chobani product, in addition to posting on the company’s Facebook page or sending an e-mail, you should contact the Food and Drug Administration with details about your illness.

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