Burger King Customer Claims He Found A Whopper Of A Slug In His Sandwich

There’s nothing like an unexpected topping in your fast food order to turn a meal bad, especially when that extra ingredient is squirmy and alive. A customer in the United Kingdom says he was shocked to see a slug crawling around in his chicken sandwich, and called for the location to fess up and clean up.

It sounds like the fellow is just as bummed about losing faith in his sandwich as supposedly finding the little guy in his lunch.

“I was really shocked as I really love this burger and never had anything like this happen before,” he tells the Daily Mail, adding that the staff didn’t seem too bothered by the meal addition and simply offered him his money back.

He says the manager claimed it was just an isolated incident, but that’s not good enough for him.

“I want health and safety people to come and lock them down,” he said. “This might have affected my health as I have problems with my stomach and this could put me in more danger.”

A local health council spokesman said it doesn’t appear to be a case of infestation, however, noting that it looks like the slug hitched a ride on the pre-washed lettuce.

“There is no apparent evidence of an insect infestation. Our officers will be meeting with senior managers from the outlet early next week to discuss procedures more thoroughly.”

A spokesman for Burger King said the company is on the case as well.

“As a global brand, we aim to provide the highest levels of food quality and service in all restaurants so that our customers have a great experience with us every time. We are taking this situation very seriously and are conducting a full investigation. We greatly value customer feedback to ensure we get our service, restaurants and products right every time.”

Not a whopper, but not very nice! Burger King customer finds a SLUG in meal [Daily Mail]

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