Wisconsin’s Rockin’ Grandma Identified: Longtime Drummer, Not A Grandmother

rockingrannyA local news outlet has identified the boomin’ granny who drummed in a music store and took the Internet by storm. She’s 63, started drumming at age 15, and played in various bands for the next 25 years.

She was even part of the first all-female rock band in the La Crosse, Wisconsin area. She sold her last drum set 20 years ago, but still likes to stop by music stores and jam a little. “I still kind of like to go to the music store and play a drum set, and then that’s it,” she told WKBT. “My music urge has been satisfied.”

However, she’s no one’s grandmother: she doesn’t have any children and says it’s weird that people are calling her a “grandma.”

Mystery ‘grandma drummer’ Mary Hvizda has long history in drumming [WKBT] (Thanks, Frank!)

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