Woman Claims Her Burger King Sandwich Came With Extra Ingredient: Mold

A woman in North Carolina claims a Burger King restaurant served her a moldy sandwich.

A woman in North Carolina claims a Burger King restaurant served her a moldy sandwich.

A North Carolina woman certainly didn’t get a recent Burger King breakfast “her way”: instead of a fresh sausage croissant, she claims she was given a moldy sandwich. 

The woman, who filed a complaint with the county health department, tells WSOC-TV that she stopped by the local fast food joint for a quick bite to eat on the way to work earlier this week when she realized her meal wasn’t all that fresh.

After ordering the sandwich, the woman says she took a quick bite while driving, but waited to finish the meal.

“When I got to my parking space and… peeled back wrapper to eat the rest, I realized that I was eating mold,” she said. “Contrary to belief, you cannot taste mold and savory sausage tastes better than mold — never tasted it.”

After realizing what she had eaten, the woman says she immediately got sick and then returned the sandwich to the restaurant.

“The manager was apologetic and refunded money with no hesitation, but Burger King corporate on social media wasn’t as responsive,” she said.

The company offered the woman a free Whopper for the issue, but she declined, noting that she wouldn’t be eating at the restaurant again.

WSOC-TV reports that the Burger King where the sandwich was purchased has previously been cited for health violations.

“Food quality and safety are top priorities at all Burger King restaurants and we take this very seriously,” Burger King corporate tells WSOC-TV. “We have reached out to the franchisee that owns and operates this restaurant to get further information.”

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