McDonald’s Has Names For Each Of The 4 Different McNugget Shapes

For as long as I can remember, I’ve known that McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets came in only a handful of repeating shapes. But I’d never considered that the folks at the Golden Arches actually had specific names for each of the four types of McNugget.

Furthermore, the names are not science-y code numbers like A-V1X3 (which does sound tasty), but pretty much the same names you’d expect a 4-year-old to give to the McNugget shapes.

Thanks to the folks at Business Insider, who recently scored a trip to McDonald’s HQ outside of Chicago, we now know that those four shapes are indeed called: Boot (the one that looks like a boot; duh), Ball (the circular one; also duh), Bell (for the one that is sort-of teardrop shaped, and could resemble the silhouette of a bell), and Bone (the one with the least-defined shape; looks kind of like the Boot with the toe cut off).

(Apparently in Canada, the Bone is actually called Bow-Tie, probably because that’s slightly less unappetizing than the idea of eating an actual chicken bone.)

Kim Bhasin of Business Insider even posted this handy image you can print out and take to the McDonald’s with you next time you go:
(courtesy: Kim Bhasin/

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