McDonald’s Testing Preservative-Free Chicken McNuggets Recipe

Image courtesy of Morton Fox

In an effort to boosts its business in the U.S., McDonald’s is considering making some big changes to one of its go-to products: the chain says it’s testing a new Chicken McNuggets recipe that’s devoid of artificial preservatives.

Mickey D’s said it started testing the new recipe in about 140 stores in Oregon and Washington in March, Crain’s Chicago Business reports. There aren’t any details as to what exactly is different about the new recipe, but the company says it’s “simpler” and “parents can feel good” about it.

A spokeswoman for the chain declined to confirm if this means the new recipe could go national this summer, telling Crain’s, “This is very much a test.”

She adds that customers in the Pacific Northwest test market “have responded favorably” to the new recipe.

“More than ever, customers care about where their food comes from and how it is prepared.” That being said, the company is not “making any announcement” about a nationwide launch.

If you live in McDonald’s test market and have tried the new McNuggets, let us know how they stack up to the old version: send your impressions to

McDonald’s plans to launch ‘cleaner’ Chicken McNuggets [Crain’s Chicago Business]

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