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Users Complain That This Night Cream Is Giving Them Weird Dreams

A night cream is exactly what it sounds like: a cream that you apply to your face overnight to moisturize while you sleep. Yet some users of a night cream from skin care brand Dr. Brandt report that more than wrinkle-softening is happening when they use it: they report incredibly vivid dreams, some of which are scary. [More]

(Harry McCracken)

McDonald’s, If It’s Come To This, Just Improve Your Food

“We’ve heard the same rumors you have,” says a recent publication from McDonald’s. “Fillers in our beef, so called ‘pink slime.'” The message is fine, but the location is problematic: McDonald’s is not only protesting a little too much, but this message is on a tray placemat. In one of their restaurants. The kind that you look at while you eat your McDonald’s food. [More]

Hint: A = B

Fake Starbucks Taste Test Shows The Very Real Power Of Suggestion

Starbucks is rolling out its new Costa Rica Finca Palmilera coffee that costs $7 a cup (or $40/lb). So what better way to find out if people can tell the difference than by having a taste test? [More]

Guy Gets $273 Worth Of Free Stuff From Various Companies Just By Asking

Guy Gets $273 Worth Of Free Stuff From Various Companies Just By Asking

A blogger decided to stage an experiment, buying $39 worth of stamps to send letters to random companies asking them for free stuff. His haul justified the up-front expense several times over, netting him $273 worth of freebies. [More]