Taco Bell CEO Makes Everyone’s Day With Doritos: “We’ve Got Cool Ranch. That’s Coming.”

Get in our bellies.

Get in our bellies.

Ever since Taco Bell learned that putting this together with that would result in millions of smiles, with “this” being nacho flavor Doritos and “that” being taco shells, we’ve been waiting and hoping for a Cool Ranch version of the Doritos Locos Taco to show up.  We got a hint a few weeks ago and now the company CEO himself has confirmed our greatest (or second greatest) hope and desire.

Greg Creed appeared on CBS This Morning today and dropped the big news while discussing Taco Bell’s Super Bowl ads and other things we are far less interested in.

“We’ve got Cool Ranch. That’s coming,” he said. “That’s my tease.”

Is that a tease or a promise, Greg? It better be a promise or you will have a lot of disappointed faces keeping frowns upside down.

From what Creed says, this is all about celebrating the partnership between Frito-Lay as well as the almighty taco (or the chain’s version of a taco).

“We started working with Frito-Lay a number of years ago. For our 50th anniversary, we wanted to celebrate the taco. And you know, there had been no innovation in tacos,” he explained. “So we sat down with Frito-Lay, they obviously own Doritos, they’re our great partners. Two years later, we launched the Doritos Locos Taco, which … is the biggest launch in Taco Bell.”

Bring’em on, Taco Bell. We’re ready.

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