Taco Bell Drops Huge Hint That Cool Ranch Doritos Taco Is To Become A Real Thing You Can Buy

This is apparently becoming a reality.

This is apparently becoming a reality.

Are you tired of having to craft your own Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Taco shell in the privacy of your own kitchen? I can’t be the only one. Regardless, it looks like Taco Bell is prepping to unleash the cooler, ranchier version of its wildly popular food-like item.

Late last night, the Bell took to its Facebook page to post the above diptych featuring a bag of the Doritos flavor people either love or despise next to a Taco Bell taco, with the note that “Anything could happen in 2013.”

In the short time since, the image has already amassed a pretty hefty number of likes and enough positive comments for us to believe that this is something that more than a few people have been thinking about since the fast food company unleashed the Dorito-shell tacos.

We told you back in August that Taco Bell was planning on trying out more flavors of the Locos Tacos, and Business Insider reports that some people in Ohio and California have been playing guinea pig for the last couple months, testing out shells made from Cool Ranch and Flamas flavored Doritos.

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