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(Venessa Wong/Buzzfeed)

How Does Taco Bell Turn Everything, Including Fried Chicken, Into Taco Shells?

Last fall, we began hearing reports that Taco Bell was testing taco shells made from fried chicken, because that’s an actual thing that people would definitely eat. The fall test was in Bakersfield, CA, and they also tested them in Kansas City last month. Where do they come from, though? Is it simply a Tex-Mex Double Down? [More]

(Taco Bell via Brand Eating)

Taco Bell Fritos-Shell Tacos Spotted In The Wild

Back in December, fans of snack chip-flavored taco shells got an enticing hint in a presentation to shareholders in Taco Bell parent company Yum! Brands. As part of a slide showing planned innovations, a taco in a small Fritos bag was shown under the words “Revolutionizing the taco.” A Fritos-shell taco? What madness was this? The crunchy corn shells have become reality, and Taco Bell is beginning to test them. [More]