Kmart Assumes I’m Home All Day, Waiting For My Mason Jars

Companies that ship things just can’t win. If a package gets stolen from a customer’s porch: somehow that’s their fault. Kmart has apparently taken precautions against that, blocking UPS from letting UPS drivers bring packages to a depot or leave it with no signature. Bringing it to a Kmart store: not an option. She doesn’t want to stay home all day and wait for a box of jars, her neighbors aren’t home during the day, and the situation has become ridiculous.

Jarless, she writes:

I ordered some lovely mason jars from to go with my new juicer that I thankfully did NOT order from When UPS attempted to deliver them, I was not home, since I am gainfully employed. The UPS missed package slip informed me that they would attempt to deliver it again, today, between the hours of 10:30 and 5pm, when again, I would be at work, since I am still, as I was yesterday, gainfully employed.

When I called UPS to attempt to get them to leave it at a UPS store, the customer service representative informed me that Kmart had disabled any other option other than “return to sender.” I said. “wow, so I am never going to get this package…” and the customer service representative literally just said “correct.”

So then I called Kmart. The customer service representative there said that UPS can’t drop it at a STORE but they can drop it at a UPS depot. I asked the rep if she couldn’t just change the settings, she said no. So then I called UPS again. The second UPS representative informed me that they couldn’t not drop it at the UPS depot, that option was also disabled. She asked me if I could leave it with a neighbor or a leasing office, but none of my neighbors are just sitting at home all day, waiting for my packages.

So I decided that the problem was really with Kmart, so I called them again. I decided right away to just ask for a supervisor. The 2nd Kmart rep (not supervisor) asked me for my information, and informed me that my only option was for them to attempt 3 deliveries then have the package returned to them, and I would be refunded. Then I could have it refunded, reorder it and sent to a different address. However, I can’t receive personal packages at my work address.

I was really mad that my ONLY option was to not receive what I wanted. I repeatedly asked to a supervisor. She informed me that the only option was to e-mail them. I asked her if there was anyone there who was her supervisor, ie, in charge of her, and she said no, not anyone who handles any cases. She repeated again that I could reorder the product once it had been returned to their warehouse. I retorted “Are you KIDDING, I will NEVER buy anything from Kmart AGAIN…”

Anyways. It just seems like they did not care at all. The UPS customer service reps were both very helpful and both tried to look for any loopholes to get my package delivered. The 2nd Kmart rep was a joke. It’s like they don’t want people to buy stuff from them!

I’m not really looking for help, but, just want people to know…don’t order from unless you have no life and stay home all day, waiting for packages.

We have often speculated that neither Sears nor Kmart wants anyone to buy anything from them. This is why everyone needs to be friends with at least one freelance blogger who works from home, not necessarily while wearing fleece pajama pants with cupcakes on them.

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