Hey, How Hard Is It To Remake A Starbucks Drink?

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Reddit user Larebearspear had a rotten experience at Starbucks, and shared it with the /r/talesfromretail subreddit. Now, normally the community is for retail workers to share stories from the other side of the counter. But some experiences are so terrible that you just can’t be sympathetic, no matter how many terrible customers you’ve dealt with in your day. That was this trip to Starbucks.

So I was at Starbucks the other day (I never go, as in I only go a few times a year around the holidays). I roll up, see no line, and I think “Awesome, I won’t have to wait long!”


So I order through the drive through box, and go up to the window.

I sit in my car, doing nothing. I see my drink, just sitting there on the counter, while the employees are BSing. I wait, thinking they’re getting the tea ready that my mom asked me to bring home.
They set the iced tea down next to my frap, and do nothing.

Later, they finally give my drinks. The iced tea is warm and my frap is melted.

I ask them why.

The girl’s reply? “We had to warm up the coffee machine.” (That doesn’t hold up because I ordered and ICED TEA and a COLD FRAP)

I tell her that I saw the drinks sitting on the counter, and ask for replacements
She tells me that it’s not her fault the drinks were that way, and to have a nice day. Then promptly slams the window.

I go inside, because my mom will be pissed if I bring her a watered-down warm iced tea, and I’m pissed because I only go to Starbucks every once in a while. I tell the man working the register about it.

He says the same thing the girl did, and refuses to give me replacements unless I pay for the new ones in full.

I ask for the manager. He says no. I paid as soon as I got my drink, so I show him my receipt for 3 minutes earlier, and tell him my drinks couldn’t be melted like they were. He still says he can’t get the manager, and to buy new drinks. The cashier says I should file a complaint on the company hotline.

After that, I just left, and stopped by a Mcdonald’s for my mom’s iced tea.

No matter how much I love their drinks, I’m not going back.

Well, if you lose someone’s business forever, at least you never have to remake their drinks again. Am I right? High five!

Commenters recommended reporting the offending shop to corporate, especially their refusal to get a manager for an obviously annoyed customer.

As a customer, this pisses me off [Reddit]

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