Sorry, But Calling In A Noise Complaint On Salvation Army Bell Ringers Won’t Work

Image courtesy of (Maulleigh)

A downtown shop worker in Portsmouth, N.H. is either a whiny Grinch or a brave hero, depending on your point of view. Tired of the infernal dinging once Salvation Army kettles set up for the holiday season outside of her store, she decided to fight back by calling a noise complaint in to the police. The complaint did not make the bell-ringers go away, alas.

“This is my fourth year and I can’t take it anymore. I’m so sick of it,” the retail hero told Seacoast Online. Forty hours per week, five weeks per year is enough to make anyone go research city noise ordinances. Unfortunately, the city has granted permission for the Salvation Army to set up on the sidewalk, and that includes their bells.

All is not lost: one regional leader for the charity organization proposed giving the bell-ringer at that location a silent bell. But only if it raises enough money.

Worker sick of noise calls cops on downtown bell ringer [Seacoast Online] (via)

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